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"I was fascinated by Johnny's life. "Have you thought about writing a book?” I asked. He said no, not thinking his life particularly interesting, and he wasn't a writer. "Are you kidding?" I said, “Your life is a walking Goodfella’s movie, only far more interesting.” I told him the book should be in his voice, but with structure. The more we talked, the more he realized how unique his life has been - and how people could benefit by how he overcame."
 Larry Elder - Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host and Best Selling Author

“Executive Hoodlum gives the reader a ring-side seat watching a man not just fight his devils, but tame and harness them to reach the pinnacles of professional success and personal happiness.  A true inspiration!”
Remy - Washington, D.C.

“Gripping true story of a young son, who suffered greatly from his dad's choices, grow into a father who blessed his legacy with his own choices. I could not put it down, literally stayed up all night reading it. If you ever thought life dealt you an unfair hand, read this. You will surely be inspired to rise above and persevere through any hardship.”

Michele S. Natick, MA

“Costello’s book offers an interesting look behind the scenes of the two different worlds in which he has lived. He takes the reader through a maze of interesting, humorous and sometimes tragic events that have helped shape his life. Serious, ambitious, intelligent and sometimes unpredictable, Costello offers the reader an enjoyable ride through an amazing life.”
— Frank, Long Island, NY

“A harrowing story of survival and success - we all have a lot to learn from Costello's experience.”
— Tania, Arlington, Virginia

“Johnny Costello masterfully weaves his life story into an entertaining and sometimes a chilling look at life on the dark side. Just when you think he’s out… they pull him back in. He vividly describes the difficulty of stepping in and out of two very different worlds. I salute him for landing on the right side with the magnitude of obstacles in his way. A must read for all, especially those people walking that tight rope of life.”
— Georgia Durante, Los Angeles, CA, Author of “The Company She Keeps”

“Executive Hoodlum proves that truth is more amazing than fiction! John's first attempt at writing a book is a home run - just like his life. I've had the good fortune to know John most of my life and can say that the personalities in this book are real and not out of central casting. He is a man living in two different worlds. Triumph and tragedy, but always in the relentless pursuit to be a winner. The toughest guy with the biggest heart you'll ever meet. This book entertains, amazes, and inspires. Bravo John!”
— Robert S., Sacramento, CA.

“Executive Hoodlum is a classic American success story. From Johnny to come from the life he knew as a young man and end up the man he is now is a testament to the intelligence and determination he possesses. It is also a testament to the country we are privileges to live in.”
— Scott Baio, Actor/Writer, Los Angeles, CA.

“John Costello’s writing reflects the passion and cynical humor of having survived in a world where few escape. This is not a mobster story, rather, a story about how one man turned negativity and used underworld teachings to thrive in a legitimate way, in business and his personal life. The story chronicles the struggles of a caring, loving man, continually fighting back the demons installed in him and overcoming the challenges of taking the path less travelled.”
— Ralph D – Washington, DC

“Fascinating! I couldn't stop reading!! In this book Johnny Costello completely documents the LIFE we share and know and I commend him for telling this Story! Thank you for your honest portrayal of your relationship with my brother Johnny, it made me laugh and cry!!! Johnny your story is exciting and compelling and I can't wait till it gets to the big screen! Good Luck and Best Wishes!”
— Tommy Fratto - Boulder, CO

"I've known John Costello for 40 years and my only disappointment in EXECUTIVE HOODLUM, this skillful and entertaining narrative of his life, is that he wrote it before I did. John's life was always a book waiting to happen - or rather books - so I may write mine yet."
— Kevin McAleer, PhD, author of "Dueling: The Cult of Honor in Fin-de-Siècle Germany" (Princeton Legacy Library)